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Tempera is an electronic musical instrument, a hardware granular synthesizer which allows for a full hands-on approach to sound design and live performance. Blend tones like paint on canvas with pristine audio processing in a compact, sturdy build.

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Invoke the sound under your fingers

Eight audio samples are arranged in columns, one next to the other. Placing and moving grain emitters on the grid, thousands of playheads can travel across the surface to build up delicate grain clouds, chopped breakbeats, dramatic orchestra scores and lush soundscapes – even all at the same time.

Tempera's powerful granular engine can produce movements, loops, chaotic scatters, and organized rhythms, all with precise scrubbing or broad sprays.

Tempera rear panel with connectors

Connected from edge to edge

Tempera is packed with connectivity. Loud and clear audio is delivered by a compact arrangement of two TS jacks as left+right, and a stereo headphones jack. You can sample incoming audio in mono or stereo, accommodating line-in signals, instrument signal, microphones, and pickups.

Integrate and sync clocks with other gear using MIDI TRS, compatible with both Type A and Type B wiring, or with your DAW through USB. Transfer audio files and canvases to and from your computer as a mass storage device. Connect USB MIDI controllers and keyboards directly into Tempera, or a USB flash drive for extra storage, or both with a USB hub.

Spec'd to the brim

  • Global stereo grain pool of 4096 grains can be spread across 16 voices of polyphony, or all channeled into a single voice
  • Per-voice ADSR amplitude envelope
  • Per-voice multi-mode filter, including 12dB/oct resonant low pass, band pass, high pass, 24dB/oct resonant low pass ladder, and a formant filter
  • Ten per-voice modulators, including attack-decay and attack-release envelopes, smooth and S&H noise functions, multiple LFO shapes, aftertouch and mod wheel, with many modulator destinations, allowing multiple sources to be routed to a single destination
  • Per-emitter 6dB/oct tone-shaping variable bandwidth band pass filter
  • Up to 64 placed emitters per voice, each configured to trigger sporadically or as an avalanche of grains
  • Four concurrent emitter configurations, played all at once or on different MIDI channels for multi-timbrality
  • Integrated FX chain with high-fidelity Chorus, Delay and Reverb, all processing at once
  • 8GB internal storage fits more than 200 canvases (8 samples each), extendable by a plugged in micro SD card
  • Built-in onboard microphone to sample audio without external equipment
  • Record and resample Tempera's audio output internally
  • Onboard overlay keyboard with multiple layouts for standalone operation
  • Audio processing at 48kHz 32-bit, and 32-bit DAC output. Each of the 8 loaded stereo samples can be up to 11 seconds long
  • Dimensions 20.3×14.6×3.4cm (5.4cm including knobs)


Andrew Huang – Fascinating new granular

Red Means Recording – Granular Hardware Jungle Machine

The Midlife Synthesist – Cinematic Soundscapes Galore

Scrubbing through vocal and speech samples

Creating a sampled guitar canvas

Red Means Recording – Demo and Walkthrough

Substan – Temporal Existence

Subradial – Ambient Performance

Hexwave – 10 Minute Cinematic Ambient

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For drones, textures and ambient pads, this is one of the most inspiring, effective instruments we've used in a long time.
Tempera offers a novel approach to sound design and manipulation.
Synth Anatomy
A fascinating take on granular synthesis. The first demos are pure ear candy.
Tempera looks very strokable, very interactive, and more like an instrument than a sample player.
Sonic State
Users are encouraged to listen and explore with their fingers.

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